Sommer Uni 2002

Cognitive Systems - Summer University 2002

Lecturers initials:
Andreas Wendemuth (AW), Sven Krueger (SK),
Marcel Katz (MK), Mathias Mamsch (MM)

Schedule (revised) [Lecture text see below]:

   Mon 01.07
       09:15 Welcome. Introduce each other and the locals. Organisation of computer accounts etc., and -if necessary - of accomodational problems.
   Tue 02.07
       10:30 Digital Signal Processing - Foundations (AW)  
   Wed 03.07          
       14:00 Digital Signal Processing - deterministic signals (AW)  
   Thu 04.07
       10:00-12:00 Digital Signal Processing - stochastic signals and predictor filters (AW)
       12:00-13:30 Lunch
       13:30-16:00 Exercises and Computer experiments: stochastic DSP (SK)
   Fr 05.07
       09:15-10:45 Pattern extraction from speech - the frequency domain (MK)
       11:00-12:30 Exercises and Computer experiments: pattern extraction (MK)
       12:30-14:00 Lunch
       14:00-15:30 Pattern extraction: Cepstrum, AR, LDA    (MK)
       15:30-17:00 Exercises and Computer experiments: Cepstrum, AR, LDA (MK)
   Mon 08.07
       09:15-10:45 classification in pattern space (MM)
       11:00-12:30 Exercises and Computer experiments: classification(MM)
       12:30-14:00 Lunch
       14:00-15:30 Language Models (SK)
       15:30-17:00 Exercises and Computer experiments: Language Models (SK)
   Tue 09.07
       09:00-10:30 Hidden Markov Models: lecture and experiments ASSIGNMENT (SK)
       10:30-12:00 Hidden Markov Models: experiments (free work) (SK)
       12:00-13:00 Lunch
       13:00-14:00 Hidden Markov Models: experiments review (SK)
       14:00-16:00 Search for Large Vocabulary: lecture and experiments ASSIGNMENT  (AW)
   Wed 10.07
       10:15-12:30 Search for Large Vocabulary: experiments   (SK)
       12:30-14:00 Lunch
       14:00-15:30 HTK1: introduction, and its computer environment (MK)
       15:30-17:00 Exercises and Computer experiments: HTK1 (MK)
   Thu 11.07
       09:15 HTK1: continue experiments (MK)
       10:45-12:30 HTK2: setup and module functionality: single word recognition(MK)
       12:30-14:00 Lunch
       14:00-16:30  Exercises and Computer experiments: HTK2 (MK)
   Fri 12.07
       09:15-10:30 HTK3: phoneme recognition, Language Models (MK)
       10:30-13:00 Exercises and Computer experiments: HTK3 (MK)
       13:00-14:00 Lunch
       14:00 Review of lecture phase
       15:30 Project assignment
   Mon 15.07
       10:00 Project start



Lecture Text                                                                                                     
Exercises, Computer Experiments

1.) AW/SK               
Digital Signal Processing - Foundations (revised 10.07)                  
Exercises DSP1

2.) AW/SK               
Digital Signal Processing - deterministic signals                            
Exercises DSP2

3.) AW/SK                
Digital Signal Processing - stochastic signals and predictor filters     
Exercises DSP3

4.) MK                    
Feature Extraction from Speech                                                 
Exercises Features Extr.

5.) MM                    
Exercises Classification

6.) SK                    
Language Models                                                                      
Exercises LM

7.) SK                     
Hidden Markov Models                                                                
Exercises HMM

8.) AW/SK               
Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition                                           
Exercises LVSR

9.) MK                   
Introduction to HTK                                                                    
Exercises HTK


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