Chair of Cognitive Systems



Prof. Dr. Andreas Wendemuth:

Welcome to the Chair of Cognitive Systems! Our work is not just about Alexa and Siri, but about the whole environment of continuous speech recognition / emotion recognition, acoustics and intelligent management of automatic dialogues.
This is embedded in smart systems, with which we are intensively involved - also in the bachelor degree course of the same name. These include questions of Big and small data, and the exploration and use of neural and deep learning architectures. We apply these methods and systems in various externally funded projects with regional and Europe-wide industry contacts, with focus on Mobile Systems, Safe Cars (ADAS), Ambient Assisted Living, Labviews, Raspberries and Robot Controllers. Last but not least we are
the inventors of the methodology of Companion Systems (link to the Springer book), active in leading positions (speaker)  in the DFG Collaborative Research Center 62 (until 2017) and the cluster "Intentional Anticipatory Interactive Systems" (since 2018) (link). Do not hesitate to  talk to us about research, transfer and teaching or about a thesis or other qualification work.

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