Intention-based Anticipatory Interactive Systems

Start of Project:

January 1, 2018


Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Wendemuth (OvGU)Logo EFRE-Förderung

Project's Aims:

Intention-based, anticipatory, interactive systems (IAIS) represent a new class of user-centered assistance systems and are a nucleus for the development of information technology with corresponding SMEs in Saxony-Anhalt. IAIS uses action and system intentions derived from signal data, and the affective state of the user. By anticipating the further action of the user, solutions are interactively negotiated. The active roles of humans and systems change strategically, which requires neurological and behavioral models. The  human-machine-systems are being deployed in our systems lab, based on previous work in the SFB-TRR 62. The goal of lab tests is the understanding of the situated interaction. This supports the regional economy in their integration of assistance systems for Industry 4.0 in the context of demographic change.


Number Title (German Title)
TP1 Neurophysiologie der Reizbewertung und des Strategiewechsels. Unterstützung und Intervention Prof. F. Ohl (LIN)
TP2 Hirnmechanismen der Informationsverarbeitung in Dialogen Dr. A. Brechmann (LIN)
TP3 Charakterisierung und Modellierung von Dialogen der Informationsfindung Prof. A. Nürnberger (OvGU)
TP4 Situationsbezogene Erkennung anwendungsrelevanter Dispositionen und Handlungsintentionen aus gesprochener Sprache

Dr. R. Böck - Intentionen und Mehrpersonen(OvGU)

Prof. A. Wendemuth - Dispositionen und Intentionen (OvGU)

TP5 Mechanismen nonverbaler Kommunikation: Mimische und gestische Expressionsanalyse apl. Prof. A. Al-Hamadi (OvGU)
TP6 Systemintegration, Experimentierplattform und wissenschaftliche Weiterentwicklung Prof. A. Wendemuth (OvGU)

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