Speech Processing Laboratory

Studienfächer Master ETIT, andere Master der FEIT
Mindestvoraussetzung Kenntnisse aus Modul "Sprachverarbeitung Wendemuth"
Umfang 2 SWS
Zeitpunkt SS/WS
Durchführung Seminar

Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Andreas Wendemuth,
Gebäude 03, Raum 331, Tel.: 67-58448

Dr.-Ing. Ronald Böck,
Gebäude 03, Raum 322, Tel.: 67-50061

Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Siegert,
Gebäude 03, Raum 325, Tel.: 67-50060

odd weeks - new preparatory tasks
even weeks - new experimental/lab tasks


General information (not applicable at the moment):

  • You must attend at least 4 of the 5 lab dates and be punctual or you'll be excluded from the current experiment
  • You must prepare the preparatory exercises and be able to present them in the lab, otherwise you'll be excluded from the current experiment
  • You must produce one detailed lab report per group for each of the experiments and submit it before the next lab via elearing.ovgu.de (Deadline! Too late submissions will be rejected). The report must include the solution processes for all of the tasks (also subtasks), any code included must be commented and explained. You have only one shot, no later adjustments are possible. If anything of the above is missing, the report will be rejected.
  • Reports for 4 of the 5 experiments must be accepted to get the attestation / do the exam
  • New: An example for how a report should look can be found here.

You can hand in your reports via: elearing.ovgu.de


Informationen zum Buch "Sprachverarbeitung" von A. Wendemuth finden Sie hier: Cover, Inhalt, Vorwort, Probelesen: Lernvorgänge 
279 pages, Oldenbourg Wiss.Verlag, München, 2004. ISBN: 3-486-57610-0



Instructions & Material (odt, zip)


1. Einführung / Tutorial (not graded)
(Introduction) / Formant Analysis


2. Klassifikation


3. Sprachmodelle
(Language Models)


4. ASR Quickstart


5. Hidden Markov Modelle I
(Hidden Markov Models I)


6. Hidden Markov Modelle II:
Grosses Vokabular (Huge Vocabulary)


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