Digital Information Processing Laboratory

Studienfächer ab 6.Sem. (STK-A ab 8.), IT-TIF, IT-IE, IT-KT, STK-A,
(fakultativ) für alle Studiengänge der FEIT und Informatik
 Mindestvoraussetzung Digitale Signalverarbeitung / Digital Information Processing
 Umfang 2 SWS
 Zeitpunkt Sommersemester
 Durchführung Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Andreas Wendemuth,
Gebäude 03, Raum 331, Tel.:67-58448

Dr.-Ing. Ronald Böck,
Gebäude 03, Raum 322, Tel.: 67-50061

Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ingo Siegert,
Gebäude 03, Raum 325, Tel.:67-50060

Olga Egorow, M. Sc.,
Gebäude 03, Raum 324, Tel.: 67-52186

Thursday, odd weeks, 13:00-17:00, Room G02-310

General information:

  • You can get an attestation without a grade (Schein/Testat) or get a grade for your protocols - you should ask the examination office whether you need a grade if you don't know
  • You must attend at least 4 of the 6 lab dates and be punctual (the door will be closed at 13:15) or you'll be excluded from the current experiment
  • You must prepare the preparatory exercises and be able to present your results at the beginning of the lab, otherwise you'll be excluded from the current experiment
  • You must produce one detailed lab report per group for each of the lab dates you attended and submit it before the next lab via (the deadline is always on Wednesday two weeks later, 23:59, too late submissions will be rejected!). The report must include the solution processes for all of the tasks (also subtasks), any code included must be commented and explained. You have only one shot, no later adjustments are possible. If anything of the above is missing, the report will be rejected. You will get a grade for each report, the final grade will be an average of the grades.
  • If you don't get 4 of the 6 lab reports accepted, you will get the possibility to repeat the failed reports next year only if you inform the advisors beforehand. If you do not inform the advisors beforehand, you will need to repeat all the reports.

New: An example for how a report should look can be found here.

Experiment Supervisor Report template Date
1 - Matlab Tutorial and Vocoder RB Report template 12.04.2018
2 - Digital Signal Processing in Matlab OE Report template 26.04.2018
3 - Linear Prediction IS Report template MatlabFunctions 24.05.2018

Important! Lab order has changed!

  Please be prepared for the current lab!  
5 - Filter I OE Report template 07.06.2018
6 - Filter II OE Report template Add.Materials 21.06.2018
4 - Analysis of Sounds IS

Report + Data




RB: Ronald Böck

OE: Olga Egorow

IS: Ingo Siegert


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