Accepted Publications

the following publications are accepted but not yet published

Ingo Siegert & Julia Krüger: “Speech melody and speech content didn’t fit together” – Differences in Speech Behavior for Device Directed and Human Directed Interactions.
Advances in Data Science: Methodologies and Applications, in print.

Ingo Siegert. Alicia Flores Lotz, Andreas Wendemuth: Emotionserkennung für eine nutzerzentrierte Fahrerassistenz – Affective Computing im realem Fahrzeugkontext
11. Symposium "Motor- und Aggregateakustik" (accepted)

Oliver Jokisch, Enrico Lösch and Ingo Siegert Advances in sound and speech signal processing at the presence of drones
Accepted for Quiet Drones - A Symposium on Noise from UASs/UAVs

Ingo Siegert “Alexa in the wild” – Collecting unconstrained conversations with a modern voice assistant in a public environment
Accepted for LREC 2020

Norman Weißkirchen, Mainampati Vasudeva Reddy, Andreas Wendemuth and Ingo Siegert. Utilizing Computer Vision Algorithms to Detect and Describe Local Features in Images for Emotion Recognition from Speech. Accepted for ICHMS 2020.

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