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In order to avoid delays and for a fast integration in the working group, the following scheme is recommended:  (responsible for computer networks at the institute) creates a uni account and a uni mail address.

To this end he required - one or two weeks in advance - the following information (via email or personal):

Name, Firstname, Title, Phone number, eventually external email address

  • German or English
  • State (phd student, uni employed, third means, external ...)
  • Chair or research group
  • planned office or lab (for phone and LAN)
  • computer or installation required
  • monitor
  • which access type for the network and assigment to the working group

The registrations are then made in the universtity web portal LSF by this information.

When the data is visible in the LSF system the new colleague can be included in the website of the working group by

Please provide a photo for this purpose.

Your own Webpage can be build according to the guide at nit:\\Werbung\Framework_Homepage.

You should create a woking html or php page for your own content that can be accessed from the internet (e.g.

Please send the working link to who includes the web page in the CMS Egotec of the university.

 The publication of a personal research profile works in a similar way for

Following scheme:

Load Html oder php file (e.g. , to the connect server and let know, when link is working properly.


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