Neuro-Information Technology

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apl. Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Ayoub Al-Hamadi


The professorship for Neuro-Information Technology (NIT) is located technically at the intersection of the research fields multisensory information gathering and processing, human-machine interaction (HMI) and information perception. This involves at first the use of modern methods of information technology and pattern recognition for signal, image and video-based industrial and medical applications. Examples are the development of new model-based systems for:

  • 3D object recognition and measurement in the field of surface inspection,
  • Object tracking and event detection in the research field of situation recognition and modeling,
  • Facial expression based emotion analysis and gesture as well as action recognition in the field of human-machine interaction,
  • Handwriting recognition and interpretation in the field of content analysis and text retrieval and
  • Multi-robot plan recognition and self organization in the field of ambient intelligence and driver assistance systems.

 In addition to exploration and research of algorithms and interaction techniques for specific areas, the claim is to develop even more versatile techniques in real application areas (like prototype), such as medicine, security and mobility, and automotive and production (more details are given in the current research projects).

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