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2 Scientific research fellows

We are looking for two talented and ambitious PhD students, who will work on
interdisciplinary research projects at the chair for hardware-oriented technical computer
science. You will find optimal conditions to obtain your PhD and you can work on
interesting cutting-edge research projects. The fixed-term 31-36 month contracts are
planned to be extended, subject to grant funding. The remuneration will be paid in
accordance to remuneration group 13 TV-L. You can choose from either one of these

2  PhD Students

1.  Heterogeneous Computing
As part of this position, methods have to be developed for (partly) automated
generation of runtime adaptive hardware accelerators for database systems on the
basis of dynamically reconfigurable FGPAs as well as procedures for the integration
into a heterogeneous system architecture consisting of (many-core) CPUs, FPGAs,
and GPUs. Further, research in the field of runtime hardware/software partitioning of
application, systematic exploration of different grades of parallelism present in
heterogeneous systems, as well as high-level synthesis of circuits must be
conducted. This vacancy is part of a research project funded by the  DFG priority
program “Scalable Data Management for Future Hardware”.

2.  Build of a computer Tomograph (CT) with  Open Interfaces

Within this project (funded by  BMBF) a concept and implementation of a hardware
design to control, read out data, and aggregate data of detector ASIC elements of a
CT scanner has to be developed. In addition, identification of possibilities for signal
processing during data aggregation of single detector ASIC element has to be done
as well as an analysis of signals and their behavior. The result will be FPGA-based
solutions for flexible real-time signal processing. Further information are available
under  and  under
All positions require very good knowledge in hardware description languages
(VHDL/Verilog)  or  programming  languages  (C++).  Experience  with  modelling,
optimization, or parallelization are helpful for a successful completion of the tasks. We
expect applicants to be interested in academic research. In return we will offer perfect
conditions to obtain a PhD. The chair offers an open work climate, very good supervision
of the PhD students as well as manifold promotion of the students’ potentials for
personal and professional development.

more details at: Referenz-Nr.  265 /2017


Scientific research fellow

We are looking for a talented and ambitious researcher, who will work on in-terdisciplinary research projects
on the field of on-chip communication ar-chitectures (especially Network-on-Chips), heterogeneous 3D-System-on-Chips,
and embedded systems. As part of this position, new interconnection architectures have to be developed, which
exploit the potentials of disparate technologies present in heterogeneous 3D-System-on-Chips.

For a systematic exploration of the design space, modelling on the levels of application and technology is required.
Further, new optimization methods have to be devel-oped or existing methods must be adapted to the special requirements of this topic.
Focus of the research are the development of architectural concepts and design methodologies; the development
and production of ASICs is not scope of this position.

The researcher has to fulfill a teaching duty of 4 SWS (English and after the first year also in German), which comprises
tutorials and practical courses. There is an opportunity to obtain a PhD.

more details at: Referenz-Nr.  188/ 2017

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