Projects and Partners

  • 3 projects in SFB/Transregio 62 “A Companion-Technology for Cognitive Technical Systems” (DFG)
  • Environment perception, C1
  • Mechanisms of nonverbal communication, C3
  • Companion-Technology for Augmented Reality Based Worker Assistance in Automotive Applications, T1 (in cooperation with the department of general psychology of the University of Ulm, Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation, and Volkswagen AG)
  • Automatic Pain Recognition based on Facial Expression and Psychobiological Parameters (in cooperation with Section of Medical Psychology at the Ulm University Hospital, DFG)
  • Dynamic height measurement for adaptive focused image capturing of large volume objects (in cooperation Chromasens GmbH, ZIM)
  • 3-d Ultrasonic measuring method for corrosion inspection in piping system segments (in cooperation with MBQ GmbH, ZIM)
  • Automatic tank roof inspection (in cooperation with MBQ GmbH, ZIM)
  • Advanced radar tracking and classification for enhanced road safety (in cooperation with the Volkswagen AG, EU)
  • Driver Assistance Systems (in cooperation with the Volkswagen AG)
  • Surface inspection of deformable workpieces (in cooperation with Fraunhofer Institute Magdeburg and INB Vision AG, LSA/EU)
  • 3 DAAD Research-Projects (for 3 Years):
    • Human Emotion Recognition and Quantizing using Facial Expression in Colored Image Sequences
    • Crowd Behavior Analysis in Video Sequences
    • Mobile Object Tracking Using Metaheuristics


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