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Interspeech ESSV AVSP TSD 2008

 ESSV 2008, 08.09.-10.09. Frankfurt

Selected papers (by attendee AW)

1. KT [ Handout ]

Analysis of PARADISE  models for individual users of a spoken dialog system
K.-P. Engelbrecht, S. Möller, R.Schleicher, I. Wechsung; Karlsruhe

2. RB [ Handout ]

Erweiterung eines HMM-basierten Spracherkennungssystems für die Zustandsüberwachung beweglicher Maschinenteile
S. Wittenberg und R. Hoffmann; Dresden

3. AW [ Handout ]

Multilingual Acoustic Features for Porting SR Systems to new languages
S. Stüker; Karlsruhe

4. TG [ Handout ]

Adaptation of Frequency Band influence for nop-native SR
M. Raab, T. Herbig ,R. Brueckner, R. Gruhn, E. Nöth;  Erlangen, Ulm

5. DH [ Handout ]

Verbesserung der Transkriptionen von Englischen Wörtern in Deutschen Vorlesungen
S. Ochs, M. Wölfel und S. Stüker; Karlsruhe

TSD 2008, 08.09.-12.09. Brno

Selected papers (by attendee KT)

6. TG  [ Handout ]

Study on Speaker Adaptation Methods in the Broadcast News Transcription Task.
Petr Cerva, Jindrich Zdansky, Jan Silovsky and Jan Nouza

7. TG [ Handout ]

On the use of MLP features for Broadcast News Transcription.
Petr Fousek, Lori Lamel, and Jean-Luc Gauvain

8. KT  [ Handout ]

Acoustic Modeling for speech recognition in telephone-based dialog
system using limited audio.
Rok Gajsek, Janez Zibert, and France Mihelic

9. RB  [ Handout ]

Talking Head as Life Blog
Ladislav Kunc, Jan Kleindienst and Pavel Slavik

10. DH  [ Handout ]

The Generation of Emotional Expressions for a Text-based dialog agent
Siska Fitrianie and Leon J. M. Rothkranktz

11. BV  [ Handout ]

Two-level  Fusion to Improve Emotion Classification in Spoken Dialog Systems
Ramon Lopez-Cozar, Zoraida Callejas, Martin Kroul, Jan Nouza and Jan Silovsky

12. KT  [ Handout ]

Evaluation of the Slovak Spoken Dialog System Based on ITU-T
Stanislav Ondás, Jozef Juhar and Anton Cizmar

InterSpeech 2008, 22.09.-26.09. Brisbane

Selected papers (by attendee BV)

13. KT  [ Handout ]

Dialog Management Using Weighted Finite-State Transducers
Chiori Hori, Kiyonori Ohtake, Teruhisa Misu, Hideki Kashioka, Satoshi Nakamura

14. BV  [ Handout ]

Multidimensional Features of Emotional Speech
Tomoko Suzuki 1, Machiko Ikemoto 2, Tomoko Sano 3, Toshihiko Kinoshita 1
1Kansai Medical University, Japan; 2Doshisha University, Japan; 3Seibi Gakuen

15. RB [ Handout ]

Leveraging Emotion Detection Using Emotions from Yes-No Answers
Narjes Boufaden, Pierre Dumouchel, CRIM, Canada

16. BV  [ Handout ]

The Expression and Perception of Emotions: Comparing Assessments of Self versus Others
Carlos Busso, Shrikanth S. Narayanan
University of Southern California, USA

17. DH  [ Handout ]

On the Role of Acting Skills for the Collection of Simulated Emotional Speech
Emiel Krahmer, Marc Swerts
Tilburg University, The Netherlands

18. PS  [ Handout ]

Detection of Security Related Affect and Behaviour in Passenger Transport
Björn Schuller 1, Matthias Wimmer 2, Dejan Arsic 1, Tobias Moosmayr 3, Gerhard Rigoll 1
1Technische Universität München, Germany; 2Waseda University, Japan; 3BMW
Group, Germany

19. AW  [ Handout ]

Emotions and Articulatory Precision
Martijn Goudbeek, Jean Philippe Goldman, Klaus R. Scherer
University of Geneva,Switzerland



AVSP 2008, 26.09.-29.09. Tangalooma (Brisbane)

Selected papers (by attendee BV)

20. TG  [ Handout ]

Audio-Visual Voice Command Recognition in Noisy Conditions
Josef Chaloupka, Jan Nouza, Jindrich Zdansky

21. DH  [ Handout ]

Analysis of Inter- and Intra-Speaker Variability of Head Motions During Spoken Dialogue
Carlos T. Ishi, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Norihiro Hagita

22. RB  [ Handout ]

German Text-to-Audiovisual-Speech by 3-D Speaker Cloning
Sascha Fagel, Gerard Bailly

23. PS  [ Handout ]

Hearing a Talking Face: An Auditory Influence on a Visual Detection Task
Jeesun Kim, Christian Kroos, Chris Davis

24. BV  [ Handout ]

A Multilevel Fusion Approach for Audiovisual Emotion Recognition
Girija Chetty, Michael Wagner

Extra poster by  PS

25. PS [ Handout ]

Scaling the perceived fluctuation strength of frequency-modulated tones
Florian Wickelmaier and Wolfgang Ellermeier

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