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Interspeech ACII ESSV 2009

ESSV 2009, 21.09.-23.09. Dresden

Selected papers (by attendee DH,RB)

1. SG [ Handout ]

Grammar-Based Dialogue Management Techniques
V. Matousek, T. Nestorovic


2. SG [ Handout ]

Emotional Speech Synthesis: Applications, History and Possible Future
F. Burkhard, J. Stegmann


Interspeech 2009, 06.09.-10.09. Brighton

Selected papers (by attendee BV)

3. DH [ Handout ]

Emotion Classification in Children's Speech Using Fusion of Acoustic and Linguistic Features
T. Polzehl, S. Sundaram, H. Ketabdar, M. Wagner, F. Metze


4. IS [ Handout ]

Cepstral and Long-Term Features for Emotion Recognition
P. Dumouchel, N. Dehak, Y. Attabi, R. Dehak, N. Boufaden


5. KT [ Handout ]

Age Recognition for Spoken Dialogue Systems: Do we Need it?
M. Wolters, R. Vipperla, S. Renals


6. RB [ Handout ]

Emotion dimensions and formant position
M. Goudbeek, J.P. Goldman, K.R. Scherer


7. KT [ Handout ]

Cross-language Bootstrapping for Unsupervised Acoustic Model Training: Rapid Development of a Polish Speech Recognition System
J.Lööf, C. Gollan, H. Ney


8. TG [ Handout ]

Measuring speech rhythm variation in a model-based framework
Plinio A. Barbosa
Um obiges zu verstehen: 
From syntax to acoustic duration: A dynamical model of speech production (Speech Communication 49 (2007) 725-742)
Plinio A. Barbosa



ACII 2009, 10.09.-12.09. Amsterdam

Selected papers (by attendee BV)

9. BV [ Handout ]

openEAR- Introducing the Munich Open-Source Emotion and Affect Recognition Toolkit
F. Eyben, M. Wöllmer, B. Schuller



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