Berthold Panzner
Synthetic Aperture Radar Focusing Techniques for Subsurface Radar Imaging
18. Dezember 2012

Michael Anis
Entwurg und Optimierung von Messverfahren zur Bestimmung von elektromagnetischen Materialparametern
14. April 2011

Ahmed Boutejdar
Entwurg, Entwicklung und Optimierung von kompakten HF Mikrostreifenfilternmittels "Defected Ground Structure" Technik (DGS)
11. April 2011

Tariq Jamil Saifullah Khanzada
Wireless Communication Techniques for Indoor Positioning and Tracking Applications
30. August 2010

Ali Ramadan M. Ali
Channel Estimation and ICI Cancellation for Adaptive OFDM Systems in Doubly Selective Channels
26. April 2010

Karl Will
Einstellbare HF-Synthesizer zur interferometrischen Phasenmessung am Beispiel der vektoriellen Netzwerkanalyse
23. März 2010

Atallah Balalem
Analysis, Design, Optimization and Realization of Compact High Performance Printed RF Filters
15. März 2010

Alexander Teggatz
The Imaging Capabilities of Ground Penetrating Radar for the Detection of Buried Anti-Personnel Landmines
19. März 2008

Ayan Kumar Bandyopadhyay
Analysis of Complex Microwave Structures Using Suitable Computational Electromagnetic Techniques
20. Dezember 2007

Ali Aassie Ali
Wireless Channel Parameters Estimation for Enhancement of the Performance of Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Systems
23. Mai 2007

Fawzy Abujarad
Ground Penetrating Radar Signal Processing for Landmine Detection
1. März 2007

Omar Abdel-Gaber Mohamed Aly
Enhancing the Performance of Spread Spectrum Techniques in Different Applications
7. November 2006

Ehab Khalaf Ibrahim Hamad
Modeling, Design and Optimization of Radio-Frequency Microelectromechanical Structures
3. November 2006

Adel Bedair Abdel-Mooty Abdel Rahman
Design and Development of High Gain Wideband Microstrip Antenna and DGS Filters Using Numerical Experimentation Approach
1. Mai 2005

Tobias Meyer
Microwave Imaging of High-Contrast Objects
10. Februar 2005

Jaleel Akhtar
Controlled Resolution Reconstruction of One-Dimensional Permittivity Profiles
3. September 2003

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